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Thus, in a nutshell it can be said that web is definitely a global media and direct marketing is one of the most effective mediums that can be used by organizations to market their products and services. Furthermore, although internet has expanded quite a lot but before adopting new and modernized approaches to marketing an organization must consider that what are their objectives and what is the mission and vision of an organization. In the similar manner it should always be kept in mind that consumers of the organizations are quite diverse and they belong to different schools of thoughts (Stone, 2001).

Furthermore, it can be said that there needs are quite different from each other. All these aspects are quite difficult to analyze if an organization is a global company. However, through the internet organizations can easily benefit from it and they can identify the needs and preferences of the consumers that are diverse in every aspect. That is the reason why it can be easily said that the web is a global media and it can be used by different organizations as a global medium to target consumers all over the world. However, internet can fulfill the needs of different organizations and this medium can be considered as a necessity for every organization that is planning to target the customers on a larger scale (Jacobs, 2007). The importance of conventional marketing cannot be disregarded but direct marketing has its own benefits over the conventional marketing. That is the reason why there are certain organizations that prefer direct marketing over conventional marketing.

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