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Greek mythology is clearly embodied with a deep anthology of myths and narratives that are entrenched in the consciousness of western civilization. Greek mythology is embedded with narratives and myths of Gods, Goddesses and deities. The gods and the goddesses were the major deities with different roles. Dionysus was one of the Gods who are considered as the God of vegetation.  Dionysus is regarded as the patron of agriculture and fertility by the ancient Greeks. In this paper we shall discuss Dionysus, his characteristics and the qualities which made him most memorable. Furthermore the story of Dionysus will be discussed with the help of interpretation of James Frazer.

The Greek called Dionysus as Bacchus more often. He is known for the personification of vine through grapes which was a mere temptation for him. He introduced vine as a blessing to the human that must be consumed in measures but not heavily. The vine with its clusters was the characteristic manifestation of Dionysus. He had always been surrounded with satyr and danced wildly. Dionysus is the person who had always been in the temptation. Dionysus had the quality to inspire and create ecstasy. He was made the king of Gods by his father Zeus. The throne of king and scepter was given to Dionysus by Zeus. James Frazer describes Dionysus as an immortal God who lived his period of development as a womb in the thighs of Zeus.  The image of Dionysus represents the deity in the form of the leaves on the head as the leafy boughs (Frazer, 1961).

The reason of considering Dionysus as the God of vegetation or trees is because he was a patron of cultivated trees. Those who followed him offered prayers to Dionysus to get their trees blossoming. The fruit-growers projected the image of Dionysus in their meadows. To the followers it was Dionysus who had the supreme authority to grow food to eat on the trees. Dionysus was regarded as the scared tree grower. Moreover it is also said by the great historians such as James Frazer and David Leeming that the followers of Dionysus worshipped him in the woods (Leeming, 1991). He followers of the Dionysus worshiped him even if they had to travel far and eat raw flesh of any animal they came upon (Leonard & McClure, 2005).

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