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There are many scenes in the novel which were not completely described but were simply mentioned or passed by passively in general. These scenes have been completely enhanced to put stress on the fancy Texas style and ironic noir. One example could be taken from the scene where the clerk in the bar is asked to guess the toss of coin for the purpose of saving his life. The scene has been described vaguely in the novel but it has been customized and riddled with thrill and suspense for the movie version (Lee). If the comparison between the movie and novel is made then there can be no doubt that there would be a lot of mixed comments in favor of the superiority of the movie and the book alike. Movie on its own had managed to grab attention of thousands and had been rated as the best movie of the year for those who have just seen the movie and not the book.

However, it is not the comparison of the movie and the book that is the center of attention of this paper but the comparison of the portrayal of the title character, Sheriff Ed Tom Bell. Which bring us back to the presentation of the comparison between the Ed Tom Bell in the movie as portrayed by the Coen Brothers and the Ed Tom Bell in the book as perhaps originally constructed by American writer Cormac McCarthy.

Judging by the discussion presented above on Ed Tom Bell’s character, it is evident that the character in the movie is one that is far more active and perhaps even far more courageous than in the book. This alteration in the nature of the character is one that allowed the directors of the movie to move the spotlight from Ed Tom Bell and on to the sensational character of Chigurh whose ruthless ways added to the sensationalism and therefore contributed to the commercial value of the plot as a movie. However, the fact remains and the hypothesis stands that the character of Sheriff Ed Tom Bell is one that constitutes the epicenter of the plot and is the one character who is caught in this rapidly proceeding sequence of events in a manner such that he finds himself in an avid quest to redeem himself and to reacquire his right to live in his country as an old man. It would therefore be justified to bring the paper to a close with the conclusion that the thesis considered in the first paragraph of the paper does indeed hold true.

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