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The basic school of thoughts, the followers and the perceptions of all the majors’ religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) are different from each other. However, all the majors religions of the world belief that they is only one God but after that there are differences. The age in which we are living would want us to align all the religions and the basic school of thoughts (Poole).

But, through analysis and research it is quite evident that all the religions are different from each other. However, all the religions possess the tendency to believe that they are right and the only truth in the world. This mentality in certain aspect is quite good but everyone in this world following any religion should understand the scenario that they must give freedom to every individual as far as the practice of a religion is concerned. Furthermore, the societies and different countries should understand that although every religion is different from each other but they must allow an individual to practice his/her religion and everyone should have the right to follow his/her religion (Poole). Freedom of expression and freedom of speech should prevail in the society.

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