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The marketing scenario in China is also quite different and that is the reason why a new entrant has to adopt the marketing policies and strategies of China in order to progress in both the short and the long run. The western style of marketing can be applied in certain cities of China but because of the fact that they are more attached with their rituals and values then that is the reason why the marketing strategies of a new entrant must focus on these characteristics. This can easily be understood by an example that if organizations use non verbal cues in its UK advertisement than their entire marketing campaign might be tarnished if they use the same non verbal cues in China and the employees would not be attracted by this approach.

As far as the ethical standards of marketing are concerned both of them are quite different with each other. The American standards of marketing as far as the ethical implications are concerned are quite different than those of the Chinese market. In fact it can be said that the basics of marketing is the same but ethical and moral implications of the marketing strategies differ with each other. The American marketing scenario usually revolves around the concept of sex and music and most of the advertising campaigns actually stresses on these issues (Zofi & Victor, 2007). However, it can be said that the advertising and marketing campaigns of China focuses usually on the technological aspect and the core aspects of a product and service are discussed in the advertising campaigns of China. Moreover, a humor element is usually involved in the advertising campaigns of China.

Thus it can be concluded that cross cultural communication is an important element in the well being of organizations and organizations who does not stress on cross cultural communication suffer in both the short and the long run. Although, there are organizations that do not rely on cross cultural communication but these organizations might benefit in the short run but they would suffer in the long run. Similarly, it can be clearly said that if a new entrant is entering in the vicinity of eastern Asia then aspects like linguistics, mnemonics and other related aspects must be kept in mind and all the marketing and communication plans that are developed must be aligned with the cross cultural communication patterns.

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