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Spot television buying means buying time slots which is purchased on market to market basis regardless of the channels or networks where as syndication is a process in which a show is sold to local or national channel buyers. Such a selling of show is done when there are more than 100 episodes of that show and there are no more series or a show of the same genre are being written and produced.  The sold program can be broadcasted anytime by the buyer. Buying of the show is done by the barter method of the syndication company. It is made sure by the buyer and seller in the both case that the programs are guaranteed (Sissors and Baron).

The spot buying is concerned with both mediums that are television and radio. The spot buying is also known as the time being on media. Syndication on the other hand is the modern form of broadcasting way that has changed the way media has been 20 year before. Television channels including locals and national prefer syndication buying (Sissors and Baron). Their preference is syndication over live show planning. Spot television buying in particular is monitored since 1953 and syndication of programs dates back from 1986.

By the spot television buying of time and syndication that is the purchase of shows is the modern method of broadcasting. These phenomenon have become universal in nature and are being practiced by media all over the world. These phenomena become similar to each other at the point of buying and broadcasting for national local channels (Sissors and Baron).

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