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There is a huge difference between the circulation and readership of the magazine. There should not be any confusion while studying both the phenomenon. Circulation is a number of circulated copies in the area. The number of circulated copies is a data which is provided by the distributor. There are chances that this number of amount could be incorrect or exaggerated due to the fact that the distributors might have some incorrect data entered in their database (Jefkins). On the other hand readership is based upon the fact that one copy of a newspaper might be read by more than one person. The readership is calculated by the average number that is formulated on the basis of pass-along rate.

The media planners and advertising agencies require the details regarding the different circulation and readership rate of magazines in order to use the medium for the product visibility. On the basis of circulation and readership, magazines tend to compete with one another. There are bureaus that have been selected for the purpose of maintain the magazine readership and circulation. According to Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC), there has been a decline in the readership and the circulation of the magazines. The circulation rate of the two famous magazines New York Times and Miami Herald has been noted by Audit Bureau (ABC) as 3.5% and 11% respectively.

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