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The backbone of a good movie script is totally based upon the creative mind of screenwriters. Screen writers are not given much importance as the actors, directors and producers of a film. Movie analysts much profoundly observe the dialogue and story writing in order to critique the professional screenwriters of the movie. It is important that a movie analyst must be able to extract the main theme of the screen writing as to it is adapted from another script copy or it is created as an individually original story.

The dialogues must be written according to the scenarios of the movie that could easily be understood by the actors. Dialogues will seemingly be sounding artificial and wordy if dialogues will not be written according the scenarios being projected in the movie. A critical sense is required to observe these important factors of the movie. Moreover scriptwriting should be analyzed on the basis of contrives. Answering few questions will help in the analysis of the scrip writing of the movie. Here are some of the questions that will help (Siatras, Kotropoulos, & Nikolaidis, 2008).

  • Does the story comprehend all the scenes to make the storyline more meaningful?
  • Is there a lack of logical progression in the flow of scenes and dialogues?
  • Does the dialogue sound honest?

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