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“The Administration Building, the College Library and the Faculty Office Building incorporate elevators.  All the other buildings on the Stonington Campus were single or two story structures and did not have elevators.” (Conlin, 2004) As long as the hotel has appropriate elevator systems each building should be okay with the use of stairs since it most structures are only two story’s tall. The main area concerning refurbishment should be updating the first impression people get as soon as they enter the surrounding area of the hotel. “The main road into the Stonington Campus served both the academic buildings and the Hotel.  As a result, the landscaping for the entire campus was a primary consideration.  Hotel guests got their first impression of the resort from the academic buildings as they drove down toward the beach.” (Conlin, 2004) The appearance of the college should be updated along with the refurbishment as it is the first thing tourists see.

Currently the hotel has (Conlin, 2004):

–          a 100 seat fine dining room

–          a fully equipped commercial kitchen – supplies to dining room and serves as a training facility for senior culinary students

–          a small guest Library with a wood burning fireplace

–          a 20 seat Boardroom – used by staff and rented to public

–          a freshwater pool and a patio

The Hotel Technology building has (Conlin, 2004):

–          two training kitchens

–          a student cafeteria

–          fine dining restaurant open to the public

–          six classrooms

–          locker rooms with showers for males and females

–          library

–          departmental offices

–          administration building

–          The student centre which has a cafeteria and space for public meetings. This building is attached to the Hotel Technology building and the department’s training kitchens serve the college cafeteria.

–          The Arts and Sciences Building which housed classrooms, a 120 seat auditorium, foreign language labs, and study halls used primarily by students enrolled in Arts and Sciences  programs

–          The Bermuda College Library

–          The Faculty Office Building which provided office space for the College’s Deans and teaching faculty.

The Trades Building has (Conlin, 2004):

–          Classrooms

–          Garages

–          Workshops

–          other facilities relevant to teaching and training in the trades

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