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The railroads gave a free route for the eastern merchants to enter the gold land that exhibited more eastern products in the market. The competition became severe for the Californian merchants with the eastern companies and their slough of products. The products of the Californian merchants were less in demand. The eastern products were more concentrated in the market. The consequences got worst by the complete construction of railroads and caused widespread of unemployment.

There were some advantages of the railroads that were enjoyed by the California. The advantages included the easy shipment of the fruits across the country that benefited the fruit growers. Not just the fruit growers but also the farmers got the benefits of railroads. The urban cities were becoming populated for example the Oakland became the second largest city with the population of 35,000 by 1880 (Willard).

The railroad companies were greatly looked upon by the farmers and for to this reason, the railroad companies used tactics to increase their economic position. The railroad raised their shipping rates. The reason behind the increase in the rates was the dependent farmers who shipped their products through the refrigerated cars. The raise in the shipping rates persuaded the farmers to join in groups in order to protect themselves and their business activities from the increased rates of shipping. As a result of creation of groups an alliance was formed to take a political approach in order to save them. The senator was elected through fair elections by the use of secret ballot. The alliance was in action and made some remarkable changes in some of the states but the action was to be taken on a higher level of federal (Schoenherr).

With every passing year, the condition of California was becoming complicated. The beginning of 20th century required reforms in the state in order to grasp a good amount of social and economical balance. The government was found to be more corrupted and this generated inequality in the region. The political scenario of the state was very poor from the very beginning and therefore the people living in California made small groups for the purpose of attaining their goals to achieve the better standards of living (Tuthill).

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