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The development of standards regarding quality of products started in United Kingdom in 1920 when the UK Ordnance Board developed a quality standard which ensured that the quality of bullets were manufactured in a manner that they could be fired effectively and safely in World War 1. The standards started evolving from that point onwards and different variations of quality standards were established by several standard setting bodies around the world but the momentum started building up after 1987.

The ISO 9000:1987 standard was adapted from British Standards BS 5750 which explained three models of quality management system. These three models of quality management were ISO 9001:1987, ISO 9002:1987 and ISO 9003:1987 which dealt with quality management in design, production, testing and inspection. This standard was further developed in 1994 and the new standard for quality was ISO 9000:1994 which expressed a preventive approach to quality management instead of quality assurance at the end of a process. A major drawback to this standard was that companies started focusing too much on preventive actions which drastically affected production and service processes (Tricker and Lucas 2005).

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