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High performance work systems must be developed in General Motors in which autonomous teams, open systems and the scenario of performance based pays must be implemented in the organization. The core characteristics of this system revolves around the scenario that to what extent the employees are involved in the decision making process. In the similar manner certain factors must be identified that would affect the performance of the organization and the performance of employees (Noe and Hollenback, 2008). These factors in the scenario of General Motors are retrenchment of workers, layout design and technology used. Therefore, this system would help the organization to understand the importance of workers and employees on the other hand would have an idea that they have to work hard in order to earn a respectable salary. Furthermore, employees on the other hand should be motivated by this system and this would be beneficial for the organization in both short and long runs.


From the above analysis it could be induced that General Motors in the wake of current financial crisis and increased pressures on the company to improve its structure and offer innovative solutions to its customers is faced with numerous issues relating to human resource management. The company needs to improve its operating efficiency by taking bold steps of downsizing its work force and undertaking capital expenditure to introduce newer models which are technologically superior and induce buying by customers. Different HRM models and techniques are suggested through this report which could result in achieving these goals for the company and assist it in reviving its financially sickened business.

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