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The consulting services are increasing quite rapidly and the core purpose of these consulting firms is to manage the information systems affairs of an organization. These consulting services hire a team of software developers to implement the strategy of information systems. These consulting firms most of the times use certain rules of thumb in providing information and developing the strategy of IS for the overall organization. For example certain frameworks are developed by certain individuals who are helping organizations and they are adding value and working as a rule of thumb for other developers and consulting service providers. For example Business Intelligence Framework and other related networks and frameworks can help an organization if the entire organization is integrated with the overall IT structure (White, 2005).

Through these frameworks the management philosophies can be integrated and applied with the collaboration of information systems. These frameworks and procedures help the organization in developing the business plans and attaining information from different sources. Therefore these information systems are responsible in solving the wide and varied problems of different organizations.

Therefore it can easily be concluded that information systems are quite beneficial for every organization and organization usually rely on consulting services to solve their problems related to information systems. These consulting services develop plans and procedures for organization that adds value in both the short and the long run. These services manage the problems of information systems through different approaches and channels. Jack Lowry is focused on developing an information system which can integrate enterprise wide information system, cut the excess cycle time and allow different organization to collaborate on product design and the system of production. This IS would enhance the level of computing in an organization and this would add real value in the business process of an organization. This IS would link Enterprise Resource Program, data management systems and other management processes that can offer real time excess to the organization regarding the financials of the company to last minute product changes. That is the reason why it can be easily said that information systems are quite viable in today’s world and organization must strive hard to produce effective information system with the collaboration of consulting services. In this manner they can add value in there process and they can easily solve their wide and varied problems.

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