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Business gurus and entrepreneurial kings would be contracted to teach children certain basic skills of starting their own business. This strategy would help the children in their early stages to decide that what they can do in their future. The entire activity would be funded by the government and the core mission of this activity would be to develop leadership and management skills in children. Children would attend sessions of brainstorming with the mentors and the mentors would assess their personalities and guide them accordingly. Although they are in their early stages but things that are learnt in early stages are remembered till the entire life.

Thus, I can conclude this essay on a note that although it’s a long term strategy because it would take decades for children to start their own business but injecting ethical and forward looking approach in the early stages would be beneficial for the entire nation in the upcoming years. People would come up with innovative ideas and children are leveraged to brainstorm for their own betterment and for the betterment of their nation. In the next few decades America might experience the advent of new Bill Gates, Anita Roddick etc and as a president I might not be there to see these children prospering but my countries name would be flying high in the entire world.

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