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Thomas Jefferson once said, “Some men are born for the public. Nature by fitting them for the service of the human race on a broad scale, has stamped them with the evidences of her destination and their duty.” My life so far has been the evidence of my duty to public service. Nature has stamped me with a gift that I want to keep for the rest of my live. I want to commit myself to public service and carry on what I have always been doing on a larger scale.

In the fifth grade my identical twin sister and I were voted Co-Captains of the safety patrol troop for our elementary school – it was my first volunteer leadership position committed to serving others. Tasks such as organizing patrols and providing a helping hand to pedestrians helped me boost my self worth. I realized that helping others was the best give you can give to others and yourself. This experience marked the beginning of destiny.

Throughout my undergraduate studies I participated in various service organizations and clubs which spurred my desire and intensity to practice law in the industry of public service. Raised in an underprivileged community I have always understood how important a role public service plays in the lives of certain people. In college I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and United Way on various project such as landscaping, painting houses and reading to homeless children at shelters. I believe that every person can have the opportunity to shape their lives in a matter that is most pleasing to them. Every educated person is responsible for his or her place in the world today. Education paves the way to a better life and provides people with tools to change their lives and overcome the challenges that they face. I want to work people who want a better life but don’t have a means to getting it. I want to aide people in building a better life for themselves when they have given up hope. I want to help people who face challenges just because of where they come from and their unruly surroundings. I aspire to work for a nonprofit organization that provides legal service and advice to those who otherwise cannot afford it.

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