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A survey would be conducted by the research in order to gather the relevant and useful information regarding the issue of the declining Allied Health Professional Workforce. The survey would be self-administered by researcher.

There are several methods that could be used as a survey administration method. A survey could be taken on the telephone or face to face. A survey can also be either administered or self-administered. Self administered surveys are filled out by the respondents themselves where as in administered surveys, the interviewer asks the questions. Another way of conducting research could be over the web. The most suitable methods that could be used to fill out our questionnaires were to conduct administered surveys that could be done face to face.

The research would be statistically analysis using a z-test. As the sample to be selected would consists of thirty clinical laboratory specialists, the sample population could be assumed to be normal distributed. The sample would a non-probability one. Z-test can be easily applied to it to check whether the hypotheses developed earlier in the research hold true or not.

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