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Depression in youth is viewed as a significant problem that affects approximately 30% of the adolescent population (Lewinsohn, Hops, Roberts, Seeley, & Andrew, 2003) in the journal done by (McWhirter, McWhirter, & Gat 2006). It has been noted that nearly 17 million Canadians suffer from feelings of depression and twice as many women are affected. (Abbeduto, 2006) Depression is currently ranked fourth as a leading cause of disability afflicting people around the world. By 2020 it will move up to rank second (Lewinsohn, Hops, Roberts, Seeley & Andrew, 2003)

It is found that the lifetime prevalence of major depressive disorder in adolescents is 15-20% and 2% during childhood, and found that 7-9% of children would experience an episode of major depression before the age 14 and as many as 20% before leaving school. In the World it has been found that roughly up to 2.5% of children and up to 8.3% of adolescents suffer from depression. (Hyde, 2002)

People need to realize that when adolescents are being moody or uninterested in normal activities, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are being “normal teenagers.” (Abbeduto, 2006) It could indicate a potentially dangerous problem. These traits should be carefully monitored and when a pattern develops, action should be taken right away. Never wait until the last minute to make a small decision that could make a huge impact.

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