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However considering the authors epilogue that various technological advancements are merely interlocking tools to advance the “market economy”. And that the only way to save the foundations of our existence is to return to a simpler way of living essentially following the culture and traditions set down by the very native tribes we are extinguishing. I must disagree. Although I can agree that our dependence to technology must be broken and that we must return to a simpler existence.

The thought of transplanting our diverse population into a system created to serve a tribe of people a few dozen in number will surely end badly. The greatest asset of the Indian tribes was that they lived a sheltered and simplistic existence in small numbers. However, pigeonholing the extensive population of the world today into such a system will surely invite chaos. However, I can admit the book serves as in intriguing and accurate blueprint of the direction we are taking and the problems that will arise. Hopefully, it will enable us to abandon our naivety of the world’s problems and begin finding solutions to them.

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