The need for democracy and a new social order was from democratic reforms founded on new political and social ideals for a modern America that did not depend on free labor[1]. The south defended the need for slavery as a social order and protected their views with religion[2].

This upper class believed ownership of humans was the most convenient source of labor which began in the 17th century and was embedded into the social fabric. The southerners saw the defence of slaves as immoral and ungodly act that resulted from industrial capitalism which was cruel, immoral and irresponsible[3]. To defend their abstract, the southerners depended on christian values as supreme moral basis. They strongly believed in their cause of justice which led them to fight for four years against the capitalist north. The strong moral conviction embraced by the southerners was primarily cultured by the desire to self serve their interests, that of their families and prosper their farms and plantations[4].

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