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Moving on in 1996 Michael Dell brought the company into the internet age and set up a supplier network for its company through its website. By doing this it became the first company in the world to do so and began selling 30 to 50 computers a day without any advertising or promotion. By 1998 the company was earning 18 million dollars a day which was the company’s online revenue alone (Famento 2008). 1998 was also the year that Dell expanded its corporation to China (Famento 2008). In 1999 Dell launched a company which was focused towards small and medium business owners (Famento 2008). In 2000 Forbes listed Dell as the third most admired company in the United States (Famento 2008).

Apart from his business interests Michael Dell is also responsible for forming MSD capital in 1998, which invests in small companies and the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation in 1999. The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation is responsible for managing investments and philanthropic efforts of the Dell Corporation (Famento 2008). In 2006 the foundation gave a 50 million dollar grant to the University of Texas in Austin to bring excellence in children and health and education to Austin (Famento 2008).

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