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Dell is considered as one of the leading manufacturers of computer systems and computers related products. The organization is considered as a multinational and it employees more than 82,700 people all around the world. In the initial stages Dell was crowned as the largest seller of PC’s and servers and this happened in the year 1990s. Dell has composed itself and it is considered as one of the best organizations as far as PC reliability is concerned. This organization achieved a second spot as far as computer sales are concerned within the industry and Hewlett Packard scored the first position. Dell’s brand is quite famous for its personal computers, data storage devices, software’s and different computers peripherals.

The organizational culture of this organization is quite phenomenal and this organization stresses a lot on their culture because they believe that through strong culture they can transform their entire organization. However, the characteristics of Dell’s culture are given below:

The 360-degree approach: The culture of Dell Corporation is different from other organizations and like many companies this organization does not believe in future. The organizational culture of Dell depicts that the future is today and tonight. This organization believes in urgency and that is the reason why their customers are satisfied with them. The investing in future phenomenon can be considered as a trap and that is the reason why Dell Corporation focuses on the today phenomenon. The core focus of the organization is that the organizations don’t tolerate and maintain those businesses that are unable to make money. That is the reason why they are implementing a 360-degree approach for their organization.

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