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Within four years I had completed my degree in Management and Organizational Leadership, graduated second in my class at Officers Basic School, and acquired enough money to purchase my first company. I accomplished all of this while I attended school, the National Guard and worked to remodel and sell homes.

Over the next ten years as the company grew I found myself in territory that I had only heard about. I went from eight employees to seventy five and renting a building for thirty five hundred a month to twenty thousand a month. Soon I had reached my maximum capacity to handle such a huge venture and decided to sell the company to Dimension One Spas and moved my family to California. I took over as Project Manager and once again found myself working for a company.

Dimension one has been a learning experience as the company is in over forty countries with hundreds of dealers.  I have had the opportunity of developing new product lines from conception to production.  I have traveled and taught how to sell these products and seen what a world class operation can do.  I have had the opportunity to learn what lean manufacturing is and see it work within an organization.  I have been able to grow and advance to the level of Senior Project Engineer.

In the process I have learned that control can be defined in many different ways.  I now find myself lacking skills to take the next step in the organization.  Once again I found that George Fox has a method where I can acquire the skills necessary to advance to the level of a Vice President.  I am also at a point in my life where if I choose pursue an education it has to be done now. My eldest son is a junior in high school and will be graduating in two years. I would like to complete my MBA prior to him attending college.

I hope to gain additional management skills to help me take this company and any others I might be involved with to the next level of success.  I have taken a company from one million in sales to thirteen million in sales.  I have also seen what the lack of solid management skills can do to a successful company.  I am confident that George Fox will help me develop into a better manager.  I look forward to being accepted and taking your Executive MBA course.

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