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Death of a salesman is a story written by Arthur Williams. The author describes that the story is tragic in nature as it projects the American dream that goes awry and the person who lives for the fulfillment of his American dream Willy Lomans turns into a different personality. He is a complete failure as projected by the author. The play reflects an important sociological aspect of the American society which promises achievement of dreams but at the same time poses a great deal of ordeal for those who want to achieve their goals in life. In this paper we shall discuss the characterization of the Willy Lomans’s life that is regarded as the pursuit of the ways for the fulfillment of the American dream. Moreover, events where the American dream of Willy’s gone awry will be highlighted from the context of the book.

Willy Lomans is a character who had been badly drenched in his miserable past where his father left him with no money or legacy that could have helped Willy in longing a life with his family. Willy had lived a life where he had no achievements and all his life he had been thinking that whatever he is doing in his life as a salesman is the right thing to do in life. But later on when the time passes by, he actually realizes that he stood nowhere. He soon realized that the life which he wished for under American dream was not to be fulfilled. Post world war period brought immense growth and industrial boom in America which offered great opportunities for people to make better living. Everyone hoped to embark upon the success and make earnings which could improve lives of their family. However this was not case for Willy and being a salesman he only earned his living with limited wages. The figures of his wage are clearly demonstrated in the Act I of the play where Linda calculates his commission (Miller 22). But soon his life ended up in complex misery that was the broken pieces of his dream.

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