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In the Act I when Willy realizes that he is a failure, he tried to inject better in his two sons namely Biff and Hap. But his sons were also failure and could not do much in life. Accepting the reality regarding the two boys as failure was much more for Willy and therefore he tries to impose his decisions on his sons so that he can get the better out of his sons and make them successful. In the second act of the play, Willy’s elder son Biff gets to know that his father was dating a woman therefore he starts disrespecting his father and hence he did not do according to his father’s will (Miller 39).

Willy Lomans tries to commit suicide in the Act II by inhaling gas from the water heater out of mental disturbance due to the extreme failure that he had achieved nothing in life. All his life he pondered to get the best things in life for the happy earning but he failed to do so. One last thing he tried to do for getting his hands on money for his family was the claim of his life insurance that was the only source of money for Willy. He acts of the accident by crashing his car but sadly his approach was towards his own death (Isherwood).

The character of Willy is a depiction of a common man living in America who undergoes conflict in deciding whether the way is an illusion or the goal that should have been achieved. At the end one could conclude that Willy Lomans was a tragic character in Arthur’s play. Arthur’s play and depiction of certain characters is a success as he had managed to elaborate how individuals in the American society are faced with harshness and difficulties of life struggling to achieve their dreams which not only affect their personal lives but surely have a profound psychological impact on the entire family setup.

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