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Jealousy is a normal trait that is found in all human beings. Jealousy has different forms and intensity. The most common form of jealousy that is faced by every career oriented or professional is professional jealousy. Professional jealousy is something if used intelligently by organizations or employees can bring enormous results and success. The following essay is focused on how to deal with professional jealousy.

Professional jealousy can lead you to success or downfall. Have you been a victim of professional jealousy in the midst of your booming career? Does it irritate you and cause you to give up? Now you do not need to give up as by following these effective tips you can achieve great success in your work place.


Optimism about your career is undoubtedly the most effective trait to elevate your career up to next level. The idea is to consider every opportunity that comes along your way as a pleasure to serve and not a burden to suffer. Enjoy every moment of your job and consider negative criticism as a challenge to look forward for a greater opportunity.


While a lot of people celebrate with your success there are still few who are not happy with what you achieved in fact, they are quite envious. But still be friendly with them as in the end you have to work with them so what’s the use of getting annoyed with them.


Blaming yourself only defeats you and is all in vain. Do not adhere on the negative things. Rather stay focus on matters that would further enhance your professional career.


A true friend will never let you down. He’s always there to back you up. Just be true of what you feel. It’s always better to have somebody whom you can ask for opinions that would lead you to a better outcome. You can even this true and loyal friend at your work place all you have to is to seek that person.


Today’s moment whether good or bad becomes tomorrow’s history. Just always remember that everything will just come to pass. So, why worry when you can pray? As with prayers one can change his/her destiny.

So, whenever professional jealousy attacks you DON’T WORRY! Just tell yourself that I have a GOD who is in – charge of everything.

Thus professional jealousy is something that can be dealt with intelligence and patience. So be patient in situations of professional jealousy and let it find its own course with the passage of time.

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