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Thus we can conclude that data management and securitization of data is an essential factor in every organization. Every company gives utmost importance to its data and they wish to protect it and build viable security to secure their data. Data security would be strengthened up when an organization installs a firewall and upgrade their anti viruses software’s.

Taking regular backup but on different places would be a viable option because if computer crashes and get destroyed due to any incident than information won’t suffer. Software that allow proper data security for the company should be used. Training and development must be provided by the organization to individuals that are involved in managing securitization issues. Using anti spyware software and offering restricted access would be beneficial for the company and an organization can easily protect itself by this approach. Therefore protection in the end is necessary because organization’s information is treated as an asset and it helps the organization in the decision making process that’s why securitization of this data is very important. Backups are essential for the company and company should invest on backups and an organization must make sure that backups are maintained on physical devices and online too.

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