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There are two methods that are mainly used in the data collection procedures:

  • Primary Data
  • Secondary Data

2.1       Primary Data

Primary data is the data collected for the specific purpose of the current research and this data did not exist in the past; prior to the current research (Tull & Hawkins 1993). The survey research approach is used in this research project and questionnaires are developed for two companies. The sample size of this research is 50 and fifty people are contacted through emails. Questionnaires are mailed through emails and a list of open ended and close ended questions are designed for the respondents. The sampling technique that is used in this research is convenience sampling. Microsoft and Wal-Mart are the two organizations that are selected for conducting this research and questionnaires are emailed to 50 employees of each company.

2.2       Secondary Data

The secondary data is collected through different books, articles, magazines, peer reviewed journals and etc. The data that is collected through secondary sources are has already been published and it actually exists prior to this research. This data was collected and presented for a different objective from the objectives and aims of the current research. This means that the data will differ from what the researcher actually requires for his or her research. Availability of data can be considered as a major issue in collection of secondary data. However, secondary data can also be accessed quickly and saves the researcher a large amount of time. There are  many sources of secondary data such as internal sources within a company that include reports by the sales force, internal customer databases, accounting and financial histories, other internal reports and in house consultants hired by the firm. External sources of secondary data are larger in number and include libraries, the internet, newspapers, trade journals, and online journals, reports by government agencies, such as the labour statistics or census reports, and also trade reports. Furthermore, the secondary sources also include international sources which are crucial for large and multinational corporations and also companies involved in import and export of goods and services (Tull & Hawkins 1993). 

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