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Augustine never in his life intentionally committed sins that hurt others but whatever sins he had committed were to impress the people around him to gain his social figure and he wanted to become centre-folded. The first circle of the Dante’s hell is not for Augustine because he was baptized and had complete knowledge regarding religion. This first circle of the Dante’s hell is referred to limbo where those persons belong who are not baptize.

The second circle of Dante’s Hell, a realm where people with carnal desires belong. Augustine completely belongs to this circle of the hell because when he was 16 years old, he taught to learn the art of persuasion. Augustine was full of lust and knew nothing but seducing as much women as he can.

It is tough to place Augustine in the fourth circle because before his conversion he was greedy for the riches as he was an opportunist but he committed the sin of keep lust for riches as his goal. Augustine does not belong to the third, fifth, sixth and seventh circles.

The last Circle includes several bolges. The first bolge is for those who are seducers and panderers. Augustine place himself in this first bolge of eighth circle because he had learned the art of persuasion and that he has confessed that he has been involved in flattery (Coffin & Augustine, 1961). The seventh bolge is another place for the Augustine where thieves belong. As confessed by the Augustine he has stolen things which he had in plenty but he became a thief just to seek the pleasure. The nine bolge is for those who plants discord that is why Augustine can be placed in this bolge for the mockery of the newcomers to his profession.

In the same way we can place Jonathon Swift in the Dante’s hell for the sin he has committed in his life. Jonathon used the language foe the Irish people that was used for the animals. He proposed through his “Modest Proposal’ that for the solution of the economic problems, Irish children should be presented to the landlords and rich people as a food. This cruel and extremely pathetic view about humankind by Swift leads him to belong to the circles of the Dante’s hell.

Swift belongs to the fifth circle of the Dante’s hell because he has been wrathful all his life by proposing the Modest Proposal. The number fifth circle of the Dante’s circle is for the people who bite others by degrading them and by the violation their rights.

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