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United States experienced the worst form of cyclic unemployment during the recession as the gross rate production (GDP) was reduced to a larger extent. In the cyclic unemployment rate touches the highest of the scale because the rate of demand reduces that also reduces the amount of production supply. In the same way the expenditure of the consumer becomes less as well. The lower amount of demand and supply, the less expenditure of the consumer and decline in the gross rate production (GDP) all result in the reduction of the work force that enables the company to meet the need of consumer demand (Hughes & Perlman, 1984).

The lowering of the work force becomes a nuisance for the workers to struggle in the recessionary period. Similarly, the same case happened in the United States where the recession hit the economy of the United States. The recession resulted in the downsizing of the work force that increased the rate of the cyclic unemployment in the region. It was clearly noted in the United States during the time of recession that the rate of cyclic unemployment increased more in the recessionary period.

The three above noted types of unemployment indicates that the United States is a victim of all the three types of unemployment even though the economy of the United States is regarded as the biggest economy of the world. The frictional unemployment and structural unemployment is always present in the United States but cyclic unemployment was the biggest downturn for the workers of America. The cyclic unemployment had been felt in the United States during the recessionary period that is still being felt in the country.

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