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DHL is one of the major overnight delivery service companies in the world. It has a history that spans almost four decades. In that time DHL has grown from a small business employing only three people to a worldwide behemoth with around three hundred thousand people in its workforce (DHL International GmbH, 2009).

Part of the reason for the success of DHL has been the way they have handled and catered to their customers. In the information era, they have innovated and created a state-of-the-art website that has many customer features which are diverse in nature according to various customer requirements. For example, if you go to their global website, DHL Global, ( you will see that it is a highly user friendly interface and directed towards the customer. The website has many links that allow to customer to select the products and services that they require, which include the “Same Day” package for emergencies, “Time Definite” package for overnight delivery and “Day Definite” package which is less urgent and therefore less costly. Other products and services are also available that cater to the needs of their diverse consumers.

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