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In the similar manner, CRM develop proper communication channels, like history and vital data. It actually creates certain profiles such as the customer preferences, it helps an organization in identifying instant access to the customers histories and helps an organization to build a database through which an organization can take wide and varied decisions. Besides certain advantages there are certain disadvantages of the CRM applications. One of the biggest disadvantages of implementing CRM in a holistic way is that it is not secure. In the similar manner making large investments profitable through CRM is difficult. In the similar manner organizations core mission is to attain sustainable competitive advantage which is extremely difficult through customer relationship management applications.

In order to implement a customer relation management application an entire process is incorporated. This process is explained below:

  • Strong leadership that is based on customer orientation.
  • The mission that is related to long term interaction with the customers.
  • The corporate purpose through CRM is aimed directly towards the customer.
  • The main strategy of an organization is to win the customer intimacy.
  • Employees develop soft skills in them and they value the customers a lot (Bowman & Mittal, 2006).

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