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Customer loyalty is considered as one of the most important aspect if we look at an organizational perspective and the short term and the long term growth of an organization rests upon the loyal customers. Loyal customers are the one that benefits the organization a lot and they contribute in the overall growth of an organization. An organizations benefit from these loyal customers in both the short and the long run and the financial figures of such organizations are improved just because of their loyal customers. Therefore, it can be said that in order to penetrate in the market and to enhance the sales an organization should concentrate on their core products and they must develop and nourish their brand in such a way that it would result in loyal customers. In the similar manner it can be said that organizations that are in the retail marketers business should focus on the high-touch products rather than a high-tech product and in this manner they can build a base full of loyal customers.

Starbucks has stressed a lot on high-touch methods and this was done just to build the customer loyalty and maintain a healthy customer base. Schultz, believed that if we great our customers with a smile and have a chit chat with them and finally the taste buds of the customers are satisfied then he was dead sure that he/she would definitely return back to this place. This can be considered as a proper description of a high-touch way of retailing and how customers can become loyal to a certain organization. But this process actually requires that organizations must trust on their employees and they must be empowered enough to coordinate with the customers that are entering the organization. Therefore, it can be said that when the relationship with the customers are strengthen up them the financials of the organization improves and ultimately customers become loyal to an organization (Brand autopsy 2004). This strategy is followed extensively by Starbucks and they focus a lot on their customers and employ new and novel ideas to make their customers loyal in both the short and the long run. In the similar manner Starbucks has also initiated certain loyalty programs that are focused on the human relationships between the customers and Starbucks.

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