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1. Pre-Stage – Deciding what to do

McDonalds have to actually introduce a localized menu for the people of India and this localized menu would relate the offerings of the company with the local culture of India. In the similar manner they have to update the needs of the fast food industry and in certain scenarios they have to revamp some of their approaches. However, in the pre-stage the senior managers and the decision makers of the organization can plan a strategy by themselves or they can hire marketing strategists to solve the wide and varied issues that are faced by the organization in India.

2. During the Stage

McDonalds faced this issue quite aggressively and they developed different localized products which were actually favouring the taste of the local Indians. The product line of the organization was widened up and different new products like Veggie burger, Maharajah Mac, Allo Tikki, etc were created to satisfy the needs of the customers. In the similar manner they also opted for low priced menu and the 20rs menu “Happy meal” can be considered as the prime example.

3. Post Stage

When the products were introduced by the organization then they have to measure the response of the customers and whether the customers like this strategy or not. The 20rs happy price menu was a hit in India and many customers were attracted towards it.

Therefore, it can be said that this process is quite vital organization and the utility of this concept is enormous.

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