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I finally understood Einstein’s E=MC2 formula. The audience was the mass and I was MC2, the velocity of light. Together we created energy. The audience roared as the needle on my speedometer went higher. My first NASCAR race numbed my ability to hear anything except my throat-beat, taught me to keep my eyes fixed on the road and the rearview mirror, and introduced me to the smell of victory.

The frequencies and wavelengths crashing against my ear were not just a disturbance spread from one point to another, they were a melody created from the masses of fans. One… two… three… pedal-the metal- zoom. ZOOOOOM… Zooooom….zooooom….zoom…..oom….om. Now the only thing I could hear was a huge lump in my throat throbbing back and forth. My heart had shifted up a few inches and found a new place to reside in my body so I could here it better. Biologically speaking, the throat is closer to the ear than the chest is. The oxygen diffused in with my throat beat exhaled carbon dioxide that contained the palpitations of my heart. DHUG-DHUG-DHUG-DHUG.

My gloves soaked the sweat collecting on my palms. The steering wheel acted as a stress ball to by my hands clasped tightly around it. I did not squint. Instead, my pupils dilated to match the intensity on the road. My beating throat signaled me to shift my focus to the rearview mirror. There were two cars behind me: one on the left, one on the right. They were trying to squeeze me into captivity. I kept my eyes on the road. The man who has the power to hold can never lose. The words resonating in my mind strengthened my hold on the accelerator. I kept my eyes on the road and my hands clasped around the wheel. I held on tight. The two cars behind me crashed into each other and I zoomed forward with my eyes on the road.

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