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Culture plays an important role in managerial decisions and the impact of culture on organizational effectiveness and efficiency is wide and varied. However, there are different norms and rituals attached with different a culture that is the reason why marketers analyze a particular culture and the characteristics of that culture in detail. In this paper the impact of culture is analyzed when an organization is entering into Asian vicinity. In the similar manner the affects of cross cultural communication on the marketing strategies of a certain organization is discussed in detail and China is considered as the focus of this essay.

China is considered as the hotspot of investors and many organizations are moving towards this country because of a number of factors like cheap labor, efficient cost management, proficient planning, etc. However, China is usually considered as a country stresses a lot on communication and both verbal and non verbal communication plays an important role in this country. In the similar manner there is certain other cross cultural issues that are associated with this country. One of the biggest issues that are associated with China is the language factor and Chinese usually have the tendency to understand only Chinese language and they are usually not interested in other languages. Similarly, if an organization is entering China than another issue that might be faced by them is the fact that China is considered as a nationalist country and they usually prefer those things that are manufactured in their own country (Norales, 2006). Therefore, a new entrant must focus on all these issues when they are entering China to market a certain product because the diversity of communication and cross cultural barriers is quite prevalent in China. The issues that are identified would definitely affect the approach of a certain organization because they have to change their normal stance of working. An organization that is a new entrant in China must higher Chinese employs so that they can easily understand the general communication pattern of the people. Similarly, a new entrant should buy and sell things locally because in this way they can penetrate more in the market. Furthermore, there are certain notions that are misleading in other languages for example ‘I see’ in the American Culture means a person cannot do this work while it does not have the same meaning in Chinese language. That is the reason why an organization has to change its approach when it is entering into Asian vicinity and especially in China (Mattock, 2003).

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