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The gaming market in Asia is being flourished successfully even they are culturally diverse but they come in highly technology-adoptive countries. Culture changes account for people’s core beliefs or values. How people view themselves, society, nature, and the universe all play a part in shaping one’s culture. Gamers need to take these principles into consideration when exporting Good Games in the Vietnam (Milne 2008; Vietnam Net  2008 ).

Technological Environment

Vietnam is putting considerable effort into modernization and expansion of its technology; new technology creates new markets and new opportunities for businesses. It is necessary for businesses, old and young, to stay on top new technology. In Vietnam internet is becoming more popular and its use has increased 11.1% from past year, in 2007, 17.87 million and it is expected to increase by 35% till 2010.which would be favorable future for games developers not only this in 2006 television broadcast were 67 includes 61 relay, provincial, and city TV stations which can be beneficial for giving massive exposure to Good Games (CIA 2009).

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