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Like most countries, companies like BAE Systems that is doing business in Saudi Arabia and in the United Kingdom adopt corporate social responsibility as an effective tool in the promotion of economic and social development in the Arab regionĀ  (Hopkins 2007, pp. 2). This means that this socio-corporate concept plays a highly significant role in the promotion of corporate welfare through the application of effective marketing communication strategy, and social and economic welfare and development that can have a significant impact on the community and environment.

Because of its positive impact on corporate image and well-being, corporate social responsibility gained the confidence of corporate stakeholders (Maignan et al. 1999). Although there have been a number of studies that explored the influence of corporate social responsibility on marketing communication strategy, as the former is usually associated with positive corporate virtues, corporate CSR inputs and messages have also attracted critical attention (Brown and Dacin 1997). Several research and studies indicate that the more business organizations advertise their social and ethical aspirations, the more likely they are to invite serious public attention (Vallentin 2001; Ashforth and Gibbs 1990).

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