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Cross-cultural communication tries to bring together such relatively unrelated areas as cultural anthropology and established areas of communication. Its core is to establish and understand how companies from different cultures communicate with each other. Its charge is to also produce some guidelines with which people from different cultures can better communicate with each other. (Norales, 2006)

Language is the most difficult barrier for the company to enter in the China market. Language should consider whether or not the national culture is predominantly a high context culture or a low context culture. The concept relates to the balance between the verbal and the non-verbal communication. In a low context culture spoken language carries the emphasis of the communication i.e. what is said is what is meant. In a high context culture verbal communications tend not to carry a direct message.

The nature and complexity of the different religions an international company could encounter is pretty diverse. The Company needs to make sure that their products and services are not offensive, unlawful or distasteful to the local nation. This includes marketing promotion and branding. In China in 2007 which was the year of the pig all advertising which included pictures of pigs was banned.

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