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In the development of CRM application utmost care must be taken by the organizations and CRM workshops are considered to be very important because it gels down the things together and it manages and establishes an in-depth understanding of the concepts, methodology and implication of the new strategies that are associated with the CRM. A proper and a prominent leadership role should be played by the senior management in this regard and the senior members of the organization should meet separately with the key members of the organization. That is the reason why CRM workshops are very important in rectifying the issues which negatively affects the outcome of CRM in an organization.

Thus it can be said that these issues are quite vital in the implementation of a CRM application and it directly affects the well being of an organization.


The entire research is blended in a proper way and the results of the research are evaluated effectively and efficiently. The results of the research clearly depicts that CRM is an important aspect for organization efficiency and benefits of CRM can benefit the organization in both the short and the long run. Many companies in today’s world are using CRM for conducting their business online and they are amalgamating this technology online. The e-commerce websites and the portals are affecting the sales of these organizations and this is only because of CRM. In the similar manner the sales ordering system of an organization that integrates the retails and other stakeholders is one of the viable examples of CRM embedded software. If we closely look at the analysis of CRM then we came to know that besides different programs and strategies that are designed for different sectors oil and gas sector s benefitting the most from the strategy of CRM (NGyun & Newby, 2007). In the similar manner all the banks have integrated systems that are associated with Customer Relationship Management software.

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