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This was known that CRTC have taken a notice of handling network traffic in an unfair manner. May be this was the root cause of CCTS establishment. Besides, Bell and Rogers were going on top for their discriminatory treatment of analyzing network data streams and lowering the bandwidth due to huge traffic for cutting the costs. Lowering of bandwidth was specially applied for peer to peer transactions which were protested by public greatly and CRTC was forced to investigate the matter. Bell, Telus and Rogers denied the facts of throttling any internet application. But it has definitely been outrageous to give tough time to the ISPs which used to force them to buy internet access from these companies only (Nowak, 2008).

The complaints forced a federal communication commission’s inquiry and John Silver answered to those inquiries by stating that FCC’s decision to punish such companies is a triumph because this is the way ISPs will not try to block or limit accesses and bandwidths in future. The people behind this bold step include FCC chairman and Commissioners Copps and Adelstein and their effort for open internet and free market is plausible. When this is not done at all to limit users from accessing their intended contents then the measures for avoiding this should be taken. A lot more is expected from FCC and Congress in order to proactively fight against network neutrality (Silver, 2008).

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