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A study in 2007 in Florida, Washington DC, and Maryland showed that crimes against the homeless were increasing. The same state had recorded 30 percent increase in 2005 compared to 1999. This further stressed on the need to have these laws come into force. The president also quoted figures from the most recent years saying the report from the FBI showed there were7, 600 crimes of that nature (Obama, 2009, p. 14).

He compared this to over 10 years ago, that stood at 12,000. This difference showed an exponential growth in hate crimes thus necessitating laws that will ensure America remained the most comfortable place in the world. In this step, the president states that there was a lot of opposition to these laws especially by the religious groups who termed it antisocial to protect those people that commit social evils. Some legislators too had lots of complains about this law saying that the crimes were already punishable under the current laws (32). Opponents still argued that the bill violated important procedures of processing and the clause of equal protection of all citizens of the US adding that the thought was individual and political.

The murder of martin Luther king in 1968 was indeed an indication that hate crime can rob a society of it top class citizens (Obama, 2009, p. 17). By so saying, president Obama implied that everybody is vulnerable regardless of your social status. This murder further culminated into drafting of the first ever legislations by President Johnson to protect certain groups against crimes orchestrated by racial or religious back grounds (19). Only good legislatively prepared protection measures can be use to counter the wave of hate crimes according to Barack Obama, the current president of the US.

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