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The second step in the framework could be based upon the philosophical relativism. The classical Socratic Method and Plato’s beliefs tells us that differentiating between the right and wrong is just a matter of one’s belief but one must know own values and feelings. People can bring harmony on the basis of trust. The rule is to consider the feelings of affected individuals before decision making. This could bring harmony in the activities of public sector (Sampford, Preston, & Bois, 1998).

The third step underlines the concept of utilitarianism which states that people must focus long term benefits for the good of society. For example if doctors will experiment on some of the patients to find a remedy for a disease even if some of them die then it would be worth it. Utilitarianism allows this perspective to be a part of ethical framework of public sector. Ethics can bring prosperity and collaboration in the society (Preston, 1994). Unethical behavior could be dealt with step wise procedure to balance the circumstances in the public sector.

At the end it could be said that the theories of ethics can result in the creation of a framework of the public sector. The use of theories for the ethics in the creation of the framework would be beneficial for the public sector. High ethical standards are especially important in the public sector because they are the perfect ways for credibility and lead to increased support for government agencies and political leaders.

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