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However, his efforts do not end at the enrollment. Right after he embarks upon his freshman year, he may discover he needs a few books, which have to be ordered from abroad given the peculiarity of the degree. Moreover, his research provides him little or no insight on the details of the law, and he has to thus spend numerous hours online, or with specialists, to hone his newly acquired skills. Keeping up with the daily progress through emails to and from the University becomes a task on its own and given the lack of technical experts in the field of UK law, studying becomes quite the struggle.

While distance learning appears to have plenty of merits and demerits, one aspect that comes forth as a definite advantage is the cost saving that distance learning allows to the student. When a student engages in a distance learning program, the student is able to study without using the university’s resources. The student therefore does not make use of nor consume the university’s resources, allowing the fee of the student to be decreased significantly. Thus, the student is able to integrate his/her education into the day to day workplace and personal environment. This aspect comes forth as one that serves as a solution to the rising costs of higher education as discussed earlier in the paper.

If one is willing to undertake the opportunity cost of the resources available at a University, such as a complete library, computer laboratory, professors, teachers, examiners, subject-oriented apparatus, sports-related equipment and peers to assist in the acquisition of education, all add to an experience that only an internal student is meant to have.

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