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  • Coffee

This category on the menu consists of the instant coffee, Cold coffee. These drinks will be offered to customers in skimmed, whole or soy milk.

  • Espresso Drinks

This part of the menu includes all sort of espresso coffee such as mochas, cappuccino, latte Macchiato and other delicious tasting espresso drinks.

  • Sandwiches

There is a great deal of options in the menu of Cosmo Coffee when it comes to sandwiches as this section of the menu consists of club sandwiches, Cuban sandwiches, Bierock, Finger sandwiches etc.

  • Pastries

We bake delicious pastries by using the dark chocolates, cocoa and cheese cream pastries with beautiful garnishing on the top.

  • Place:

Emphasis will be laid on total customer satisfaction and customer ascendency. The environment of the coffee shop will be easy going and the people will have different magazines and newspapers etc at the place cosmos coffee is a place where people can relax.

Market Segmentation:

In order to maintain the customer count, we have divided potential customers in segments according to characteristics.

  • Locals of Los Angeles:

The population of Los Angeles is more than 3.6 million (Top 50 Cities in USA by Population and Rank, 2009). In order to reach to such strength of local customers of Cosmo Coffee, the retail stores will be housed in the areas which are easy to reach and have perfect ambiance for the locals to enjoy. A massive parking lot and other facilities will keep welcoming the local customer for the coffee house.

  • Visitors:

Tourism is always strong in Los Angeles and therefore we will offer great deals for these visitors such as gift coupons or gift baskets.

  • Corporate Executives:

Our focus is stressed on the corporate executives in order to provide them a place of relaxation and a place with a comfortable ambiance that should match their level of comfort and social class. The ambiance is designed in such a way as to release their mental stress.

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