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Cosmo Coffee is a coffee shop for the residents of Los Angeles. It will focus on the local individuals that are living there and provide them a new style of coffeehouses. Different factors can easily differentiate Cosmo coffee with its competitors. These factors are listed below:

  • Variety: This coffee house would be the first in town that would offer so many varieties to its customers. The offerings of the coffee house would include tea, coffee, cocoa, juices, smoothies and certain other products.
  • Location: Cosmo coffee will be located in the prime location of Los Angeles and the location would be near to shopping malls and offices.
  • Expansion: The expansion of the stores is primarily based on consumer demand, year around tourist activity and sizeable student population.


Cosmo Coffee will offer the best coffee in town and besides coffee the organization would also offer certain beverages. The organization would focus on high quality ingredients and emphasis would be laid on following the preparatory guidelines. The core objective of the organization is to provide quality and taste to its target market and retain them for a long term. Besides coffee and espresso drinks, certain teas and refreshing beverages will be sold in the coffee bar. The coffee bar would also offer certain sandwiches, salads and pastries to its clients. Customers would relax in the coffee bar and they can enjoy their favorite magazine and newspaper while having their espresso coffee (Sutton & Kiyosaki, 2005).

The coffee menu will be based on drinks that are espresso based like mochas, cappuccinos, etc. These drinks will be offered to customers in skimmed, whole or soy milk. Cosmo Coffee would stress on the preparation of these beverage because a slight deviation would affect the organization in both the short and the long run.

Start Up Assets

The startup assets would include both the short and the long term assets. The breakup of these costs is given below:

Long term Assets for Cosmo Coffee would be….

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