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Following the emphasis of UK’s Nutrition Policy on healthy diets, restaurants and fast food outlets have had to adjust to the changing environment by expanding their menus to include healthier options and thus reduce the emphasis on meat products. In addition, KFC needs to publicize its ethical efforts at animal welfare to combat insults and blames hurled at it from organizations such as PETA. Along with convenience, KFC and other fast food options can also be eaten anywhere, anytime; this portability may be desired by the customer, but increases the chances of littering and hence carries with it social implications.

KFC, along with other global corporations, usually is a popular target for social activists like Michael Moore; thus they need to preempt the possibility of such attacks in order to keep the positive consumer perceptions flowing. One such way is through Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. The consumer should be able to perceive the net value that is being created for him (Holbrook, 1999). Along with actually acting in an ethical manner, such organizations need to communicate it well so that it comes to the notice of the general public. KFC has often been under attack for its Genetically Manufactured chickens. In an age where criticism finds immediate support on web forums, social networking areas such as Flikr and Facebook, and blogs, the company needs to act fast in order to uphold its social integrity.

A study conducted by Schro¨der and McEachern looked into the perceptions regarding CSR initiatives by  KFC and its arch rival- McDonald’s among young adults (2005: 9). McDonald’s scored higher amongst respondents with respect to not only their actual CSR initiatives, but also their communication centered around animal welfare, food quality and healthy eating initiatives. In addition, these aspects were considered very important by respondents for attaining a favorable perception amongst the target audience. KFC needs to look into such studies as they may indicate the falling popularity of the brand amongst a health conscious society. In addition 44% of respondents felt that the CSR activities by McDonald’s and KFC were just a ‘fad’ (2005:

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