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Corporate Social Responsibility is a relatively new concept. It means that company has to go beyond the legal requirements to contribute to the society and manage its operations in such a way that it has minimum harmful impact on the all direct or indirect stake holders of the business (Wood 1991). Most important stake holders are the employee, suppliers, customers, communities and environment (Wood 1991). According to this ideology, company should do its business in an environmentally friendly way and try to reduce the emission of carbon and other green house gases (Wood 1991).

British Petroleum (BP) has been very active in this respect (British Petroleum 2009). For the purpose of conciseness and effectiveness, BP named it as the responsibility of the company. BP’s management thinks that expanses in the social welfare programs are like a long term investment and it is in the long run benefits of both the company and society to go for such projects (British Petroleum 2009). That’s why; BP has generously invested in many socially responsible programs all over the world. Some of these projects are discussed below.

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