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The corporate culture at a store which keeps itself hip and trendy-the very characteristics that differentiate it from competitors- also needs to be dynamic and flexible. This is the challenge for Urban Outfitters- hiring fresh graduates and training them through a “Manager-in-Training” program to gain some on the job experience and provides them with an opportunity to travel and discover new trends that can be incorporated into the store’s concept and enriching the culture. However, the main idea behind each store it maintaining a unique culture; Hayne’s idea of the ‘counterculture’–whereas a corporate culture is usually one that is common throughout the organization.  It is this contradiction that makes it extremely challenging for such a company to have some common ground among the different stores and brands (Free People, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters). Ironically, the only thing that all the stores have in common is the uniqueness.  In addition, the owners of Urban Outfitters realize their challenge and the fact that this unique culture is what is giving them a unique selling proposition; as Glen Senk puts it, “You can’t roll out a store every two weeks and keep the kind of culture we have…”

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