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A traditional approach is practiced in the corporate circle of India. New managers of United States must be adaptive to change and they must transform themselves in such a way that they can create and implement the desired strategies of their parent company. They must be trained enough to train the local employees and these managers must consider the culturally rich environment of India. Job design, job analysis and the description of jobs must be aligned with the local working trends of India.

A huge number of local and multinational organizations are operating in India and they are effectively managing the cultural diversity and other HRM issues in this country in an efficient manner. For an understanding of the best practice followed by a foreign company in the Indian market we take an example of Nestle which manages its operations in India in an efficient way through a pragmatic approach and they disregard the dogmatic approach. Nestle India also plays utmost importance to cultural diversity and HRM related issues through global thinking strategic formation plans. Moreover, Nestle pays importance to training and development in the Indian subcontinent (Pattanayak, 2005). Examples of best practices of HRM in this part of the country could also be of organizations like PepsiCo and Coca Cola. These multinationals have managed labor issues, employee related issues, cultural issues in India and Pepsi Co international is regarded as the best organization in terms of providing benefits to employees in India (Cooke, 2003). Therefore, we can say that managers of XYZ company must be well equipped with all the factors that are associated with the new country. They must study these factors and then must devise a proper strategy manage the workforce and the customers.

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