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Finally it can be concluded that a brand is single identity in the minds of the consumers and the best part about Starbucks is that they have identified this aspect and they have maintained this aspect. The customers are attracted by the novel approach of this organization and because of this there are numerous loyal customers of this organization. The core factors of this organization are considered as the basis of customer loyalty which actually includes ambience, quality, customer relationship, reward giving approach, etc.

Customers are motivated with this approach and that is the reason why many customers are loyal to this organization just because of the power of this brand. Hundreds of branches and franchises of Starbucks depicts that loyal customers are actually present in these areas and countries that is the reason why they are opening up their branches. The loyal customers respond positively to a brand and they also strengthen up a certain brand with their positive remarks and word of mouth marketing. Although this marketing is unpaid and in certain scenarios it is unintentional but strategist and analysts believe that through these efforts a normal customer after a certain period of time becomes habitual of a certain brand.

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